"I was absolutely terrified to give birth and had no clue what to expect. Throughout my pregnancy Hollie gave me such confidence and supported me with every decision I made. She always answered any questions I had with no judgement. Even now after having my son, she is still helping me and being supportive. I'm so greatful to have her support! I'm looking forward to working with Hollie and Jess more in the future!" - Krissy

Below you can view our main package that we offer, along with an "A la Carte" menu that we will add more to and change options depending on the needs of our clients. Feel free to contact us to find out more details on pricing for each service offered. If you'd like to customize your own labor support package, we are open to that option as well. Note: If there is a service that we do not provide and would like us to add that to our services, please contact us.



If you are needing Bereavement support, please reach out to us. Use our contact form at the bottom of the page or feel free to call us using the phone numbers listed below. You are not alone, and we would be honored to walk alongside you during this most difficult journey.


Summary of the Basic Doula Package: $600.00

Free initial consultation

  • An informal/casual get together to talk about you and your partner, your birth vision, support expectations, questions you have about doula services, etc.   

1 in-person prenatal visit at your home

  • We will gather and discuss more in detail your birth vision, birth preferences, comfort measures and coping techniques for labor, help in writing a birth plan/preferences list, discussing fears/anxieties, practicing labor positioning, etc.

Text/phone/email support throughout pregnancy & early postpartum

  • Feel free to contact us during the day about any questions or concerns you may have. This is the easiest form of communication to go over any information you may need to help you make informed decisions.

On call text/phone/email support during 38-42 weeks

  • At 38 weeks, we completely clear our schedules for you. If you feel you may be in labor at 2:00 AM and might need support at home or are heading to the hospital, please contact us right away. We know that labor and birth do not have a set time, so keeping communication up to speed is key!

Continuous at home/hospital/birth center labor support

  • From the moment you feel you need doula support, whether it is at home or at the hospital, we will be there from the beginning until after your baby is born. We do not leave your side (minus grabbing water, a snack, etc.) and we also stick nearby so that your partner or other support people/s can nap or eat without leaving you alone.

1-2 hours of support post-birth to help with the newborn transition

  • Post-birth hormones can be intense. We stay after the birth to help with the first feeding, and also to help with any other post-birth needs if needed.

1 in-person postpartum consultation at your home

  • This is such a relaxing meeting. Very casual and informal. We come to your home and admire your little newborn and discuss your postpartum, healing, breast or bottle feeding, etc. We also like to discuss your labor and delivery and help fill in any gaps or holes in your birth story.

Access to educational resources to help you make informed decisions regarding you and your newborn's care

  • We find it very important to be well-informed while making choices in your pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Being informed helps make confident parents! Overall, feeling confident can also help promote a positive pregnancy and positive birthing experience, which is so very important to us!


A la Carte

A la Carte Menu: *Inquire on pricing

✔ Belly casting (Full belly/bust, Just belly)

✔ Provider appointments

✔ Extra Prenatal at-home visits

✔ Extra Postpartum "Helper" visits

✔ Concierge services


* We reserve the right to charge a mileage fee for longer distances.

✔ ✔ ✔  We feel every mother deserves a Doula. We accept payment plans and bartering. ✔ ✔ ✔

We would feel honored to support you!